“LA CERVECERIA DE BARRIO” 1412 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

“HAVANA 1957” at Breakwater Hotel, Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL. US

Mobile Point of Sale of Guacamoles, “Oh! Mexico”, FL.

“TURKESA” Boutique, Dolphin Mall, Miami, FL.

“APROPO” Dolphin Mall, FL.

“APA Closet Doors” Miami, FL.

“SET” Nightclub, Miami Beach, FL.

“LUCKY” Pawn Shop, Hallandale Beach, FL.

“SIAN Ocean Residences”, Hollywood Beach, FL

“DE GALLERY” Wynwood, Miami, FL.

“CAFE NUVO” Miami Beach, FL.


“CUBE HOUSE” Little River, Miami.

“APROPO”, Tallahasse, FL. Project Execution and Completion.

“SALMIRA Boutique”, Island Display Concept, Aventura Mall, FL.

“APROPO” Gourmet Express Restaurant

“APROPO” Gourmet Express Restaurant. Tallahassee, FL.

“APROPO” Gourmet Express Restaurant. Tallahassee, FL

“APROPO” Gourmet Express Restaurant

The Quixote of Espanola Way

Art Intervention at Restaurant “HAVANA 1957, LINCOLN ROAD”

“Yanko Jewelers”, Store Planning and Design. True Illusion Visual Arts

“CORK” Digital Media by Yosvany Teijeiro

“BLACK RICE AND WHITE BEANS” Graphic Design by Yosvany Teijeiro

“DANIEL JOHNSTON” Live Concert & Art Show, Graphic Design by Yosvany Teijeiro


“THE RACE 03” by contemporary Cuban Artist Yosvany Teijeiro

Brickell Art Walk, exhibiting the work of Yosvany Teijeiro among other prominent local artists! July 31st, 2012

“THINGS OF MACHINES” Art by Yosvany Teijeiro

“THE RACE” Oil on Canvas

“PARAGON GALLERY OPENING” Digital Invitation Design by Yosvany Teijeiro (featured artist)

“GREEN GABLES CAFE” Store Design and Remodeling (work in progress)

“PARAGON ART EXHIBITION” Digital Invitation Design.

(After) "PAWN SHOP" Store Design by Yosvany Tejeiro. All rights reserved by Trueillusion Inc. & Displays Depot.

“Midtown Pawn Shop Boutique” Midtown Miami, FL.

"BAL HARBOUR FLOWER SHOP" Design by Yosvany Teijeiro 2012 (perspective view)


EXTENDABLE TABLE, Modern Furniture

“EXTENDABLE TABLE” Modern Furniture Design

YOSVANY TEIJEIRO The Meditator's Bed, Furniture Design by Yosvany Teijeiro, 2012

“THE MEDITATOR’S BED” Conceptual Furniture Design, 2012

YOSVANY TEIJEIRO Conceptual Sofa 2008

“CONCEPTUAL SOFA” Furniture Design, 2008

YOSVANY TEIJEIRO Pool Lounge Chair, Miami 2010

“POOL LOUNGE CHAIR”, Furniture Design, 2011

YOSVANY TEIJEIRO Logo Design Bentley & Rolls Royce Miami, 2011

“BENTLEY AND ROLLS ROYCE” Mechanical Shop Logo Design, 2011