Art Intervention at Restaurant “HAVANA 1957, LINCOLN ROAD”

Para leer este articulo en Español, oprima aquí Intervención Artística, Restaurante Habana 1957, Lincoln Road

Dear readers, among all the projects True Illusion Inc,  has recently had , this one could be called the most “laborious” one, since we had a wide square footage to decorate and a  tight schedule (a week); but,  when art is in between, nothing is hard enough ;). This time, we had the opportunity to commission a Cuban food restaurant,  Havana ’57, in Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida. The only thing the client had in mind was to make the premises look like all those old times in Havana, when a Cuban cigar, a cold woman’s body-like bottle of Coca Cola , and good food delighted the city dwellers. He was looking for an urban approach to what Havana used to be; a cozy place where to stop by, feel like home, and leave a memory. When we got to the place, there were remains from a previous restaurant that used to function there,    an amazing collection of Cuban vintage objects collected by the client, and a gigantography depicting the social night life of Havana back in 1957.

What was our first assignment? Aging the walls, surfaces, and furniture….

The client was very enthusiastic about our work, so he offered us to decorate the restaurant’s window display as well, which was a tremendous privilege. Window displays are a key in every business located at Lincoln Road where thousands of tourists walk every day.

During that week, we had the opportunity to work with a very cooperative team…..

…and one of the most exciting moments; we decided to let the pedestrians participate in our project by inviting them to leave their memories…

The pictures below show an overall look of restaurant Havana 1957 at Lincoln Road after we finished the project. We are looking forward for its opening!

We are very happy with the final results, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those friends and family that supported us!

Photography, text, and web development by Yeni Dominguez. All rights reserved

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