The Quixote of Espanola Way

*Para leer este articulo en español, oprima aquí  -El Quijote de Española Way-

Hello Readers!


True Illusion Visual Arts, in collaboration with Efichen Visual Arts, had the opportunity to artistically intervene a signboard in Miami Beach known as “The Quixote of Espanola Way”, which opens the doors of a multicultural gastronomic boulevard to over 30,000 tourists every day.

The client, a previous customer, focused on highlighting the personality of “Don Quixote” by proposing the creation of a new work that represented the strength of Cervantes’ most famous character. Before bringing the signboard to our workshop, we decided to visit the site and get a general idea of its condition, as well as, the influence it exerted over its environment. Once there, we found what used to be a fair intervention, but it was seriously damaged by time and pedestrian interaction. After a while, we noticed that at least 4 of 10 people decided to take a photo with the signboard; this was very important detail to keep in mind when making our choice of materials and ensuring the durability of the new “Don Quixote”

After our visit to the site, we met to discuss proposals on what techniques could be appropriate. There were some parts of the original signboard that could still be reused, such as the structure of the base metal and the two-dimensional silhouette. Our concept focused on improving the quality of the signboard, converting it into an iconic sculpture, a landmark and reference point for visitors to this area of Miami Beach.

To carry out the concept, our group of artists coincided that the work would benefit from a three-dimensional approach, highlighting Don Quixote’s fragile muscles as well as that of his horse Rosinante, this would give more drama to the characters.

At the same time, the signboard’s base had to be redesigned, so, we decided to apply specific ornaments of the Spanish Baroque period, like the Vieira’s’ shell the and Acanthus leaves.

We choose a typeface that would not compete with these elements, sober lines executed by hand. The base’s structure was also intervened as requested by the client, since it was very important to him that the sculpture would not lose its functionality, so, two set of wheels were carefully integrated into its design for a better handling and mobility.

Finally, we chose the colors of the piece: sepia and gold, trying to imitate the traditional tones of the “Spanish Golden Age” between the 16th and 17th centuries. After two weeks of nonstop work, our team was ready to deliver the work; both the client and us were extremely satisfied with the final result.

The unveiling of the sculpture coincided with the celebration of “5 de Mayo” in Espanola Way, activity to which we were invited by the customer and counted with the presence of Miami Beach Mayor, Mrs. Matti Herrera.

The opportunity to carry out this intervention was a task of great rejoicing for us; rather than a privilege, it was a realization to leave a mark on such a local iconic element!

Photography by Yeny Dguez, Yosvany Teijeiro, Tania Isabel Socarras, and Karoll William. Text by Yeni Dguez

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