“CAFE NUVO”, Custom Signboards

Smoothing welds

Thanks to my childhood friend, and very talented artist Karoll William Perez, and one of the greatest local architects, Carlos Cepero, I had the opportunity to renovate three signboards for Cafe Nuvo, a remarkable seafood restaurant in Española Way, South Beach, Florida. I thought to myself, “what a great chance to refresh all those treasured knowledge I keep with me from the Escuela Taller de La Habana“. . . .

Two of the signboards were covered on a white and blue oil-based paint that was dimming the beauty of their routed metal lettering; the third one was very rusted with rough welds
The client had only one specification, “please, make them look a piece of art”.
At glance, this looked an easy project, but took us a lot of planning and organization.
The first step was to get rid of the paint. Many ideas came to our minds; but, it was only by applying paint remover, torch heating and metal brushing to the signboards that we could achieved the first challenge.

We proceeded to sand the rusty signboard; sanding is like yoga, it relaxes you! 🙂

After the three signboards were completely sanded, and the welds smoothed, the metal pieces were ready for glazing. An ultramarine tone seemed perfect for the occasion, as Cafe Nuvo is a seafood restaurant in the heart of South Miami Beach;  nothing else would have fit better!

The toughest part was already gone, but we still had to think about the idea of sealing the signs and have them ready for their outdoors exhibition, so; we chose a heavy semi-glossy sealer to keep the metal texture and ultramarine glaze visible, and protect them from street light reflection at the same time. The results were outstanding!

The client was extremely satisfied with the final outcome, so we were kindly invited to have dinner at Cafe Nuvo 😉

Please, follow my next post, as we will take a picture of the signboards already installed.

I hope you enjoyed the reading as well as we enjoyed the project!
Yosvany Teijeiro

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