“Sculptural proposal” Lincoln RoadBoulevard

Cerveceria de Barrio / Penquin Hotel-Ocean 14

“TURKESA” Boutique, Dolphin Mall, Miami, FL.

“CAFE NUVO” Miami Beach, FL.

“APROPO”, Tallahasse, FL. Project Execution and Completion.

“APROPO” Gourmet Express Restaurant

“APROPO” Gourmet Express Restaurant. Tallahassee, FL.

“APROPO” Gourmet Express Restaurant. Tallahassee, FL

“Yanko Jewelers”, Store Planning and Design. True Illusion Visual Arts

“GREEN GABLES CAFE” Store Design and Remodeling (work in progress)

GONZALO'S JAZZ CLUB Restaurant & Piano Bar Design. Proposal by Yosvany Teijeiro

“GONZALO’S JAZZ CLUB” Restaurant & Piano Bar Design by Yosvany Teijeiro, 2010